Individual Therapy


Counseling for women and girls who are stuck trying to live up to the world’s ideals. Are you longing to be your authentic self and to develop deeper connections with others? Take care of you, uncover your true needs, discover what’s stopping you from feeling confident. Gain clarity, feel less scattered and learn new ways to deal with emotions and conflicts. You’ll be supported to face old hurts and patterns; discovering a new story for your life filled with greater joy.

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Coaching for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change

You are so much more than the number on the scale. This is about you: your smile, your energy level, your confidence, your blood pressure, your goals and your joy.

Accepting yourself, as you are- your flaws, unpleasant emotions, your needs – is the first step.

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Counseling for Girls and Kids' Wellness

Are you struggling to understand yourself and how to feel confident? Maybe you feel you never quite fit in when everyone else does. You long to have a voice and the courage to try new things without worrying so much what others think of you. Friendships can be full of drama, causing a lot of pain. And it seems no one understands your moods or who you truly are. You are not alone.


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Everyone deserves a chance to shine-logo-color-small

You have the power to create positive changes in your life.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Improve Moods and Increase Well Being


Are you ready to take charge and create a healthy lifestyle?


Lifestyle Modification and Weight Loss Counseling

Discover a Healthy Balance and a New Perspective

Classes for Children, Youth, and Adults

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