Has your daughter started changing her behavior so that she can ‘fit in’? Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your carefree, expressive, confident girl? Is your daughter becoming less physically active because she is not the team sport type of girl?

Nine through eleven year old girls are starting the journey to adolescence, and it’s normal to look to their peer group for belonging and self worth. Those are the positive side of groups of friends. However, we all know there can be downsides too: being left out, comparing oneself to others, doing whatever it takes to fit, being made fun of….

The Girls’ Group is a place for a girl to celebrate herself and to build self-esteem, assertiveness skills, and healthy self-talk. She will learn how fun being physically active can be even if she’s not a soccer star.  The group will participate in daily fitness games and activities to allow them to experience how fitness can build confidence, help improve moods and help to cope with difficult times. She will build skills for dealing with rumors, conflicts, feeling left out and expressing herself appropriately. And, she’ll express herself by creating fun art projects that reinforce what she’s learned and experienced in the club.

The group is led by Betsy Clark, Denver therapist and a former school social worker, who has seen how much social and emotional issues can distract girls at school. For questions or to register, please fill out the contact us form on this site, email bclark@shineintegratedtherapy.com or call Betsy 303-455-2409. Help your girl Shine!