I was on vacation last week at a lovely beach in Virginia. We were there with my family who spoil my kids with lots of goodies including donuts most mornings. Donuts most mornings are definitely not the norm in my house.

Who doesn’t love a donut? Hard to resist their soft dough, sugar and fat. I did not eat one, not one bite. I am telling you this not for praise or to make others feel guilty for partaking in the donut vacation ritual. And, please, don’t get me wrong, I was on vacation and enjoyed homemade ice cream among other treats. (And, just so you know, I eat something sweet most days. I build it into my daily food plan.. more on that in another post.)

Anyway, the reason for writing this is to point out how doing one things differently with your eating can make a really big difference. The main reason I did not eat any donuts– is that starting the day off with a big dose of sugar and simple carbs leads to a big sugar crash and the craving for more sugar and simple carbs. And therefore, eating more sugar and simple carbs then then another sugar crash and eating more because you feel hungry. Do you see the cycle? Be avoiding the donuts, and eating my normal protein and vegetable based breakfast, I avoided several sugar ups and downs leading to more balanced eating.

The sugar ups and downs aren’t good for you- for lots of reasons, including risk of insulin resistence which can lead to type 2 diabetes. If you rely on carbs and sugar, your body will store extra glucose as fat and will not burn fat as energy, which is it’s preferred source of energy. Storing extra sugar as fat and not burning fat, obviously, leads to weight gain. There are lots of reasons to avoid too much sugar and simple carbs, but please take this away: Doing one thing like avoiding sugar in the morning can help you get out of the sugar ups and downs and one step closer to greater health and wellness.

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