I have been thinking about power lately. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Perhaps a political leader, or a controlling person? On a more personal level, how does power impact your life? Power can be defined as the ability to do something or act or produce an effect; or the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of others. In what ways are you powerful? What effects do you cause or what are you able to do? Chances are you don’t even realize all the power you have. Sometimes it’s easy to feel powerless; this is the life I have been given and there’s not much I can do about it. That kind of powerlessness can be scary, overwhelming or depressing. You are not alone if you feel that way. When I was feeling that way not too long ago, I realized there are things I do have power over. I can choose to think about my situation in a more rational or balanced way rather than jumping to conclusions or thinking that I cannot do something. The power to evaluate your thinking is an incredible way to influence or direct your own behavior or produce a different effect for yourself. If you find yourself feeling powerless, take a moment to ask yourself what you’re thinking. Then, check to see what evidence you have that your thoughts are 100% true. I imagine you will find some choices, or new options or a new outlook that make you feel the power that is within you.