Shine Integrated Therapy: Holistic, Integrative, Supportive and Empowering Counseling

I am here to help empower you with tools to improve your moods, increase your self-esteem, create balance in your life and find solutions. We will take a holistic approach because your mental, emotional and physical health are interconnected and each impacts your overall well being.

What happens when you think about dealing with a difficult problem or troubling emotions? It might seem overwhelming, impossible, scary. Here’s a story that might help you get a sense of how working with me might help this process not seem so daunting. Researchers did a study of how people perceived the steepness of a hill or mountain. When they were looking at the hill alone, they perceived it to be much more steep and difficult. However, when they were looking at this hill with a close, trusted, supportive friend next to them, they perceived it to be less steep and difficult. When we feel the support of a responsive, attuned partner, we feel less stress, we soothe our emotional response more easily. Our work will help you develop these healthy connections. And, I will be this partner standing with you on this journey of healing and growing.

My approach is trauma informed and integrates emotionally focused therapy based in attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and sensorimotor therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

How you think about or perceive a situation will influence how you feel emotionally, how you react and behave. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches you specific skills to address problematic behaviors, thoughts and feelings so that you can manage your moods, increase your motivation, improve interactions with others, solve problems and change your behaviors. CBT is an evidence based approach with many studies showing it to be effective for depression, stress, anxiety and weight loss. Counseling will be collaborative with you actively taking a part in setting goals, practicing the skills between sessions and trying new behaviors to create change and improve moods.