Shine On...

Taking a look at all the ways we can nurture our bodies and minds.

Developing a Flexible Response to Change

Life is not perfect or static. It changes and that means you may have to change too. More flexible perspective may help you adapt to the changes. I was doing pretty well with my eating and exercise and finding a bit more balance with work and time to... read more

Reduce Stress Simply

Want a simple method to reduce stress and help you think more clearly? Relax the muscle tension in your body. Simple. Let me explain. When we perceive threat- whether the ‘I will be late!’, ‘There’s too much to do.’ type of threat or the ‘There’s a car slamming it’s... read more

Anxiety: Risk or Resources?

Think of a time when you were anxious recently. What did you feel in your body? Tightness, your stomach flip flopping, quickening breath? Did you have a thought about these physical symptoms, like ‘this is terrible, this feeling won’t go away, I can’t stand this,... read more

Perfect Christmas?

A friend and I recently shared our experiences of decorating the Christmas tree this year. She shared how stressful it was. It was an ordeal to put the lights on the right way, yelling and blaming were involved. I know that scene all to well from my past experiences.... read more

Your Thought Maybe True, But Is It Helpful?

Part of the work I do with clients is to help them evaluate their thinking to see if it’s realistic and helpful. We look at the evidence to see how true a thought is and often discover that the most upsetting thoughts are not 100% true. Then, based on the evidence, we... read more

Will You Be AWARE or Run Away?

In my yoga class last night, the teacher stressed the need to slow down and listen to our bodies. She said that when yoga gets hard, our minds want to run away. I found that to be true. I had to really focus on my breath and tell myself that I could handle this... read more


When I teach fitness at the elementary school, kids often tell me that they can’t jump rope. My teaching approach is that I expect everyone to try and do their best and that our fitness time is a great place to practice a new skill. Not everyone can jump rope like the... read more

‘Tis the Season… To Be Stressed

Here I am on Saturday two weeks before Christmas, feeling stressed out. There are just so many things to do. I found myself wondering why I felt so busy and stressed, really I don’t have that much to do. But, there is this built in sense, particularly for women, that... read more

Create Mini-Relaxation Escapes

A client recently spoke about how relaxed she was on vacation and wondered how she could carry some of that peace and calm into her every day life. Another client recently said she’s been so busy with work and school that she has forgotten how to relax and has lost... read more

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