Emotional and Disordered Eating

How does your relationship with food reflect other parts of your life? Do things feel out of control, do you avoid difficult emotions or situations, do you have a sense of disconnection from yourself or others?

Eating or restricting our eating can be a way to cope with life’s challenges. When we face challenges our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and food does help it to regulate, but that can lead to more problems because we don’t fully deal with the emotions or problems — and we’re still dysregulated. This pattern of eating to calm, numb or cope becomes an automatic, well ingrained habit. You’re stuck in this vicious cycle when what you really are seeking is resolution, calm, change, less stress.

Did you know that there can be a big connection between emotional eating and adverse childhood experiences? When traumatic or chronically stressful events happen to us as kids, our nervous system can get stuck in overdrive or shut down mode.. and food can become a way to try to regulate and feel better.

We can help you identify what it is you are really needing- soothing, connection, coping skills, resolution of old wounds. We will work with your thinking, behaviors, emotions and your body to create new ways of relating to your needs and your body.

Don’t beat yourself up, you’ve never learned the skills that you need to create lasting changes with your eating or physical activity. I can help you learn how to:

  • Plan and monitor your eating
  • Stay motivated
  • Create time and energy for healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Get back on track if you overeat
  • Soothe yourself without food
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Create healthy habits for life!

When you manage your thoughts about eating and being healthy, you will manage your eating and health. Get noticed because you look confident and healthy! Fill yourself up with joy and life satisfaction.

Cognitive therapy has been shown to be highly effective in helping to create lasting, healthy habits. Betsy has attended a Beck Diet Solution Workshop, this coaching is based on the Beck Diet Solution, with permission. She is also a Certified Weight Loss Specialist through the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists.

Coaching packages and online coaching are available, and they can include creating a physical activity plan that will work for you. Contact me for more information.