Individual Therapy

Life isn’t quite what you expected, it’s not quite good enough. There’s a void; you’re so tired of trying to fill it. Do you never quite get what you need and think it’s because something is wrong with you? You are anxious being alone, but not getting fulfillment from your relationships. The same patterns repeat themselves, you have the same conflicts with your significant others. You’re too busy; stressed to do it all, and do it perfectly. You are left longing for deeper connections and less disappointment.

After taking care of everyone else do you then wonder ‘what about me?’  Is it time to take care of yourself, to uncover your true needs and what is stopping you from feeling lovable and capable?

Believe in yourself, and know you are worthy of wellness, positive relationships, success and greater enjoyment in life. You may find that you gain more self-acceptance, develop more peaceful interactions with others and feel that life isn’t so hard all the time. Release yourself from old hurts and negative patterns, so you can feel the goodness around you. Discover a more positive outlook and the ability to ask for what you need. Gain clarity, feel less scattered and learn new ways to deal with emotions and conflicts. Create greater life balance as you take care of yourself.

Therapy will provide you a safe place to be heard and understood so you can gain awareness, relief, confidence and hope. I use research proven therapy methods such as solution focused and cognitive behavioral therapy. You will be empowered with skills and support to take steps towards your goals.


Areas of Treatment Include:




Emotional or Disordered Eating

Life Transitions


Relationship Conflicts